Ann Theresa

I look forward every month to Women's Story Circle at HOPRC. What a joy to gather with such lovely and genuine ladies. I am able to focus on my spiritual journey within a welcoming community of women who have quickly become friends.


Rev. Melissa and the board have lovingly provided a temporary home for HOPRC. I’ve been pleased to see that the Beacon Blvd location extends the same warm welcome and the same solid spiritual experience that has been HOPRC’s trademark for many years. This spring I...


Format: excellent I like the circle and clear object.  Christ consciousness- see all things! Enlightened me, hope others. Thank you all!


Today’s shared stories by the group were truly influential and raised my consciousness or was it God’s consciousness in me? Many questions to ask myself. A great day.


Great idea to have more than one presenter and short times of input from the facilitators. We adults begin to lose the ability to sit still and listen for a lengthy time.


I had lost my anchor and focus momentarily. I knew it was in me somewhere. The reflections today on MT 8:23-27 during the HOP Day of Reflection helped me find my anchor and focus again on a consciousness that God is good and I am loved.

Bob L.

The 3 speakers were great and format was excellent. Keep up the good work. New concept for me- Christ Consciousness- but it fits wonderfully into my spirituality. It enriches my thinking and feeling. Today’s session was liberating and enriching.

Ann L.

This was a great way to get away from life’s daily grind and be filled with peace. The various talks coupled with discussion and meditations were excellent.


Understanding more of ‘kin-dom’ within, really giving deep within to our secret place. Freeing” Topic Feedback: “Feel finding more of my true self by sharing. Thank you.


Topic very timely. Format of questions sharing and time of reflection works well. I think spending one whole day on a single topic such as conquering fear by finding faith would be enough and allow me maximum focus and progress.

Maria R.

Peace is just a short drive away. You just have to spend a little time at the House of Prayer.

Ann H.

What a lovely way to keep centered and spend an afternoon.

Alice H.

I return to my daily life with more serenity than I have had in a long time. I enjoyed everything.

Tabernacle Dance Ministry

Thank you for the blessed experience that this home allowed us to have. Through kindness, love and gratitude, God's presence was felt in an overwhelming manner. Thank you once again for the opportunity and may the Lord continue to bless this place!