Our Leadership

Spiritual Director: 
Rev. Denise Schubert

Board President:  
Rev. Emile Gauvreau

Board Members:

Pam Lambert
Mallika Davi



Our Core Values

LOVE – We recognize that LOVE is by far the most important value. At Chill of Cape Coral we are ardently committed that every adult and every child experience the power of giving and receiving unconditional love and support.

Inclusivity – We embrace everyone alike regardless of faith tradition, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or any other classification.

Respect – We recognize, value and honor each individual for their unique talents, gifts and qualities. We are a shame and blame free environment.

Compassion – We offer compassion and support to each individual as they walk their path towards the restoration of wholeness – without judgment.

Excellence – We are committed to excellence and impeccability in every aspect of our work.

Congruence – We strive to walk our walk, and talk our talk while supporting each person connected to Chill of Cape Coral in any way – to do the same.

Universal and Practical Spiritual
Approach to Living.


Do you value individuality, equality, inclusivity,
diversity, love, respect, and authenticity?

We are guided by the wisdom of the well-known quote offered by Gandhi, “Be The Change You Wish

To See”, with the awareness that an awakened world is the direct result and reflection of awakened

We offer activities for the development of healthy bodies, minds and spirits. Through meditation, mindfulness, study, fellowship and service, we believe that violence, hunger, poverty, abuse, disease, loneliness, and depression, can be reduced or eliminated. We offer a place for learning and practice for all who wish to cultivate new ways of thinking and
new ways of living.

We believe that emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy people naturally care for each other, the animals and the earth.

What We Offer


Meditation and Mindfulness 

Addiction and Recovery Support

Classes and Workshops

Study of World Religions, Science, Philosophy

Quiet Space for Conversation and Reflection

Community Fun: movies, Potlucks, Outings

Development of Body, Mind and Spirit

Spiritual Direction and Coaching


About Denise


Rev. Denise Schubert is an ordained New Thought Minister who considers herself a ‘purveyor of possibility’.  She graduated in 2003 with a Masters In Consciousness Studies and her ministerial license from the Holmes Institute, at that time housed at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. She joined Chill of Cape Coral in January inspired to embrace the opportunity of leading Chill of Cape Coral into a vital and vibrant future.

Denise is committed to creating consciously connected spiritual communities that support global transformation one person at a time. With humor and a unique ability to simplify complex spiritual ideas and concepts, she vows to inspire, educate and empower each person she meets to live an extraordinary life with increased power, poise and confidence through the teaching of new thought/ancient wisdom philosophies.

Our History

It was 36 years ago that Mrs. Mary Ann Kretschmer and friends established a nonprofit spiritual organization in Lee County, Florida. This spiritual organization offered the Catholic community and others a peaceful environment for spiritual growth, reflection and direction.

Since 2013, we have welcomed clergy, spiritual leaders and seekers from all faith traditions to find solitude and peace through our diverse programming.

Today we are an inclusive welcoming community for all individuals, families and organizations seeking to discover and experience a deeper connection to the Divinity of their own faith tradition while also desiring to enhance the experience of living in today’s wold by embracing and expressing spiritual values and principles.

The organization of today and moving forward, is the evolutionary result of our community’s vision emerging into an expanding spiritual community of committed individuals seeking to actively contribute to and participate in creating a world that can work for everyone.